Rachel K. Nielsen

Rachel K. Nielsen, PsyD

Director, Colorado Resilience Collaborative International Disaster Psychology

Professional Biography

Rachel Nielsen is the Director of the Colorado Resilience Collaborative (CRC), an initiative of the International Disaster Psychology program. The CRC addresses identity-based violence through education and training, consultation services, and research. The CRC works closely with federal and state agencies, law enforcement, school districts, mental health workers, community members, and religious leaders. The program supports the provision of culturally competent, trauma-informed services to survivors of targeted violence, and it addresses violent extremism in Colorado.

Rachel is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. She first came to GSPP to complete her Master's degree in Forensic Psychology in 2003. She provided therapy and psychosexual evaluations of sex offenders in Colorado until 2008. She then returned to Knoxville and managed a non-profit program for new parents, using strength-based approaches and support to prevent child abuse and improve outcomes for children. In 2014, Rachel returned to GSPP as a student to complete the PsyD program. Her field placements focused on trauma interventions for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and childhood abuse and neglect. Rachel completed her APA-accredited internship through the DU Consortium at Nicoletti-Flater Associates, where she continues to work as a staff member. Her specialty focus was Behaviorism, and her doctoral paper addressed human trafficking in the United States.

Rachel is married with two children and lives in the Denver area. She enjoys snowboarding, camping, and spending time with her family.

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