Latinx Psychology

We're committed to resolving disparities among minority access to psychological services by training professionals who employ innovative and effective practices. In doing so, we hope to improve mental health providers’ abilities to provide culturally appropriate services to Spanish-speaking clients.

Despite making up 17% of the population, Latinx individuals are only 60% as likely to pursue mental health services as whites. Colorado is in the top ten states in the US for Latinx population, but only a very small number of practitioners are Latinx or able to offer specialized care for Latinx individuals. With these factors in mind, we train students to provide bilingual and culturally competent services using evidence-based practices and firsthand experience.

  • Mission/Misión

    To advance the work force of Latinx mental health professionals by providing excellent training/education, to increase access to quality mental health care for Latinxs using innovative and creative techniques, and serve as a community alliance to enhance Latinx connectedness.

    Avanzar la fuerza laboral de profesionales Latinxs en el área de salud mental mediante entrenamiento/educación de excelencia, incrementar la calidad de la atención en salud mental a Latinxs usando técnicas novedosas y creativas, y servir como aliado comunitario para mejorar la conexión entre Latinxs.

  • Vision/Visión

    The Latinx Psychology specialty aspires be a leader in training culturally and linguistically competent bilingual mental health professionals and is committed to resolving disparities among minority access to quality psychological services by providing culturally appropriate mental health services to Denver's Latinx community.

    El Programa de Psicología Latinx aspira a ser líder en el entrenamiento de profesionales del área de salud mental para que sean culturalmente y lingüísticamente competentes y está comprometido en resolver la disparidad en acceso a servicios psicológicos de alta calidad mediante la provisión de servicios de salud mental culturalmente apropiados a la comunidad Latinx en Denver.

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Specialty Structure

The Latinx Psychology specialty at GSPP is a four-course sequence that provides professional psychology trainees with the clinical and theoretical knowledge, research foundations, and Spanish language capacities necessary to provide mental health services to the diverse Latinx population in the US. In addition to coursework, students will have the opportunity to complete a related field placement. Many of GSPP’s field placements serve the Latinx population and Spanish providers are utilized. As a student participating in the Latinx Psychology specialty, you will choose field placements that offer you opportunities to deliver services to this population for at least 25% of your cases. 


  • Introduction to Latinx Psychology and the Latinx Experience
  • PsyD Latinx & Underserved Populations Advanced Practicum I - Aiming to Reduce Mental Health Disparities
  • PsyD Latinx & Underserved Populations Advanced Practicum II - Spanish Intensive
  • Psychological Assessment with Latinx Populations

Potential Field Placements

  • Salud Family Health Centers
  • Mental Health Center of Denver
  • Aurora  Mental Health Center
  • Colorado OUD/SUD Training Program

Other Program Activities

  • International Virtual Exchange with Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile
  • Spanish conversational hours
  • Latinx social and cultural events
  • Mentorship

Meet Our Director

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Henrietta Pazos

Clinical Assistant Professor

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Chilean Exchange

The Graduate School of Professional Psychology's Latinx Psychology specialty has established a professional relationship with the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago, Chile. Since 2015, Latinx Psychology specialty students have traveled to Chile for two weeks each year, where they have gained a firsthand understanding of the mental health care systems to which our clients are accustomed. In 2020, a group of GSPP students were going to travel to Chile to provide culturally responsive training to a mental health community organization but due to COVID they were not able to travel. Travel to Chile for now is on hold due to COVID and plans for future travel depend on consistent funding. We do have virtual exchanges with UDD students and faculty and plan to continue with these types of virtual immersion experiences in the future.

Meet Our Current Students

  • Emanuel Hermosillo
    Emanuel Hermosillo

    Emanuel Hermosillo is currently a second-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. He was born and raised in Pasadena, California and obtained his undergraduate degree in Biological Basis of Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania. This year he is an extern in an Integrated Primary Care clinic providing behavioral health services primarily to Latinx populations in both English and Spanish. For his first-year externship he worked in an intensive outpatient setting providing services to people with substance use disorders and comorbid disorders. His clinical interests include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and therapy with Latinx populations.

  • Vanessa Magro
    Vanessa Magro

    Vanessa Magro is currently a second-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. She is trilingual and studied Spanish, French, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies in college. After working in communications for the private sector, she served as a bilingual counselor for English- and Spanish-speaking youth and families at a community mental health agency. Currently, she is providing both short- and long- term individual therapy to a variety of diverse clients within the Denver community. She is passionate about making therapy feel safe and empowering for everyone.

  • Esha Pahwa
    Esha Pahwa

    Esha Pahwa is currently a second-year student in the Sport and Performance Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Esha has enjoyed learning Spanish since elementary school and thought that the Latinx Psychology specialty would be a great supplement with her interests. She would love to work with Latinx athletes and performers in helping to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they can become the best version of themselves. Esha is originally from Overland Park, Kansas and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Kansas (Rock Chalk). After finishing her masters degree, she will continue her education as a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology and get her license as a clinical psychologist. She is interested in helping different communities learn and understand their individual identities and the wonderful characteristics that make each person special.

Our 2020 Alumni

  • Carlos Coto
    Carlos Coto

    Carlos Coto graduated from the Sport & Performance Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. He started Latinx specialty training to have an impact in the Latinx population not only in the U.S., but also in Latinx countries. Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, he is planning to become a Mental Performance Consultant for an MLB organization. Major League Baseball is the perfect environment to bridge the gap between Latinx players that are based in academies in the Dominican Republic, and the players that are already playing Minor League ball with aspirations of joining the Major League team. He spent the Summer of 2019 interning at the International Junior Golf Academy (IJGA) in Bluffton, South Carolina, which is a golf academy that works to develop the complete athlete both physically and mentally. Known internationally for its state-of-the-art training facilities and outstanding mental skills coaches, IJGA attracts athletes of all ages from around the world. Carlos worked with athletes from Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico on mental performance skills.

  • Deyja Enriquez
    Deyja Enriquez

    Deyja Enriquez graduated from the Sport & Performance Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. Deyja’s passion for sport within the underrepresented community began with her work with the JOCKS Program of Boulder County. JOCKS is a running program designed to promote health and wellness for at-risk youth. Since working with JOCKS, Deyja has also worked with juvenile probationers, adult probationers, and as a Food Access Coordinator for Boulder County to increase food accessibility to low-SES families. With the realization of the effect that exercise, health, and wellness can have on the improvement of lives, she set out to learn more by combining her Sport & Performance coursework with the Latinx specialty coursework. In this way, Deyja hopes to incorporate sport into as many interventions as possible. Deyja is the Diversity & Inclusion chair for the Center of Performance Excellence (CPEX). Her aim is to ensure that people of color are not only invited to the party, but also asked to dance and enjoy themselves, their journey, and their experience unapologetically.

  • Matthew Galvez
    Matthew Galvez

    Matthew Galvez graduated from the Sport & Performance Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. He joined the Mental Performance team at the Toronto Blue Jays in February 2020. Matthew played football all the way through high school where he was injured and decided to leave the sport. Matthew graduated from the University of North Texas in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology where he was part of multiple research labs that allowed for the publication of a manuscript and multiple posters. He is a cohort liaison within the Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) and works as a mental performance consultant with the Colorado Rapids’ elite soccer youth organization, a high school baseball team, and a club hockey team. 

  • Susan Mertz
    Susan Mertz

    Susan Mertz graduated from the International Disaster Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. She is interested in using her degree and this specialty training to help better design and implement mental health programs both domestically and internationally. This year, she is interning at the Colorado African Organization, helping provide mental health services to community navigators and refugee clients. Some of her hobbies include reading, traveling, and spending time in nature.

  • Jasmine Parker
    Jasmine Parker

    Jasmine Parker graduated from the International Disaster Psychology program at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. She is interested in using her degree to assist with low-income populations and learn how to get their communities the services they need. The most important career goal she has is to help the world communicate and understand each other and mental illnesses more easily by use of her degrees and through the work of cross-cultural psychology. The reason she is pursuing the field of psychology is from her love of helping people and since the mental state of mind is very important to our future and life, she decided to focus on this aspect of healthcare. For her placement last year, she worked at the Ricardo Flores Magón Academy, a bilingual school for children in grades K-8. At the academy, she provided individual interventions to the students through weekly check-ins and works with two other interns to create an emotional regulation project.


Colorado OUD/SUD Training Program

We are excited to offer a grant funded opportunity for a PsyD field placement specializing in Opiate Use Disorder (OUD)/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) through our COST program.

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