Family Support Clinic

An entity of GSPP Clinical Services within the Trauma and Disaster Recovery Clinic and supported by The Caring for Denver Foundation


The Family Support Clinic (FSC): Caring for Parents and Caregivers – Helping you feel emotionally and practically well-supported as a parent of your adolescent or young adult who is experiencing the challenges of a significant mental health condition

For Denver residents, free of charge!


In-person and Telehealth services offered


Parent Support Groups

Come participate in a parent support group that provides a safe and supportive space for learning, sharing experiences with other parents grappling with similar experiences, and developing insights about parenting under very challenging family conditions.  You’ll discover ways to increase your well-being, knowledge, strength, and sense of empowerment as you continue your journey of supporting your adolescent or young adult to reach their potential.


Individual Therapy for Parents

Receive individual support as you navigate the personal impact and complexities of supporting your adolescent or young adult experiencing a significant mental health condition.


Resources and Referrals

Develop knowledge of community resources available to assist parents and their families in meeting the practical needs of your youth or young adult.