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As a student at GSPP, you'll have access to resources and support services that can help you flourish throughout your time here. Whether you're navigating the intricacies of research, looking for upcoming events, interested in joining a student group or simply need a deadline reminder, we're here to help you locate the resources you need to make the most of your GSPP experience.

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Student Organizations and Clubs

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We have a robust community of student clubs and committees dedicated to exploring diverse topics and expanding dialogue throughout the school and across campus.

  • Graduate Student Association of Professional Psychology (GSAPP)


    The Graduate Student Association of Professional Psychology (GSAPP) works to promote the respect, support and empowerment of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology students by facilitating an ongoing and dynamic exchange among students, faculty and the DU community.


    The Graduate Student Association of Professional Psychology is responsible for the following activities and events:

    • Providing $100 reimbursement for each GSPP student for seminars, workshops and conferences.
    • Hosting an annual student panel for Comprehensive Exams for PsyD students, as well as speakers and panelists in specialty areas in psychology.
    • Providing mentorship groups to help develop and enhance relationships within programs for faculty and staff.
    • Sponsoring the annual orientation potluck, as well as additional social activities throughout the academic year.
    • Serving as an active organization in the Graduate Student Association Council and assisting in interviews for faculty and staff at GSPP.


    Officers in GSAPP are nominated and selected by the students of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

  • Denver Health Rehab and Neuropsychology (DURHN)

    DURHN is a student-run organization that represents and promotes the educational and training interests of DU graduate students specializing/interested in clinical rehabilitation psychology, health psychology, and neuropsychology. The primary purpose is the dissemination of information in these fields to a diverse group of students at DU, and the building of professional relationships with local psychologists in these specialty areas.

  • Colorado Assessment Society (CAS)

    The Colorado Assessment Society (CAS) is an organization of psychologists dedicated to the advancement of cognitive and personality assessment. The purpose of the organization is to foster the training, practice, and development of cognitive and personality assessment as a discipline, science, and profession through meetings, workshops, research, and dissemination of findings.

  • A Seat at the Table

    Are you a student of color coming to GSPP? If so, please consider joining A Seat at the Table! A Seat at the Table is a quarterly meeting of racial minority persons in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology to process experiences as graduate students. A Seat at the Table will provide a space for students of color, bi-racial, and multi-racial students to openly engage in dialogues amongst other minority students about the unique experiences and stressors of being on a predominantly white campus. A Seat at the Table will serve as a resource for students of color and minority students to unapologetically show up and let themselves be fully seen and known, where they can speak from the heart as opposed to worrying about what is socially acceptable.

  • Diversity Dialogues

    Diversity Dialogues is open to all students, staff and faculty in GSPP. The committee meets twice per quarter and hosts events/discussions to address topics such as micro aggressions in therapy, identity-based violence, and multiculturalism in assessment. Diversity Dialogues also advocates for inclusion of students including promoting religious diversity, advocating for rights of students with disabilities, and gender nonconforming students.

  • Voices of Discovery (VOD)

    Voices of Discovery (VOD) is a program designed to allow students, faculty, and staff to explore and process multicultural issues and experiences in small groups. Groups meet twice per quarter, and members are asked to participate for the full year to establish group cohesion and continuity of group dialogue. Members are strategically assigned to groups to include individuals of varying race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. in order to promote differing perspectives within multicultural discussions.

  • GSPP Pride

    GSPP Pride is an affinity group for students, staff, and faculty in the Graduate School of Professional Psychology who are members of the LBGTQIA+ community. It was formed in 2019 to meet the need for this community to gather and talk about issues relevant to being LGBTQ+ in GSPP, at DU, in Denver, and globally. Following in the path established by A Seat at the Table, GSPP Pride will serve as a resource for queer students, faculty, and staff to “unapologetically show up and let themselves be fully seen and known.” GSPP Pride provides a voice for LGBTQ+ members of the GSPP community when issues arise.

  • Pizza and Psychoanalysis

    Pizza and Psychoanalysis is an opportunity for University of Denver students and their peers to network, enjoy great food, and learn about the many clinical applications of psychoanalytic theory in a casual setting. Join us once per quarter at the Graduate School of Professional Psychology to enjoy free pizza with an experienced clinician affiliated with the Denver Psychoanalytic Society! Expect an interesting theoretical talk and/or case presentation with plenty of time to explore and ask questions. Whether you have experience with psychodynamic theory or not, Pizza and Psychoanalysis is an excellent opportunity to learn more! Look out for emails from Pizza and Psychoanalysis with information about scheduling. Please feel free to reach out to David Miller ( for more information.

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