Supporting Community Mental Health

The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) offers master’s and doctoral degree programs to students who are interested in making an impact in and around mental health. Those students staff clinics that are designed to meet the psychological needs of specific groups within the Denver community.

Getting Care at Our Clinics

Under the supervision of licensed professionals, our students provide high-quality, confidential mental health services through the following clinics:

GSPP Clinical Services

GSPP Forensic Services

GSPP Consulting Services

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How Do GSPP Clinics Work?

Our clinics are staffed by trained doctoral students who are supervised by licensed clinicians. They provide services at a low cost to clients, many of which work on a sliding scale that takes income and financial situations into account. We work to ensure our services are LGBTQ affirming and culturally sensitive, and recognize the needs of one population often differ from those of others. We also tailor our services on a client-by-client basis to ensure that each individual is getting exact type of support they need.