We're dedicated to providing our clients with exemplary affordable mental health services. Our clinics are staffed with doctoral psychology students, and overseen by licensed mental health professionals.

If you're a client looking to connect with your clinic or caregivers, or a prospective client seeking mental health services, please explore this listing of our clinics and find the one that best suits your needs.

GSPP Clinical Services

Professional Psychology Clinic

The Professional Psychology Clinic (PPC) is our primary training center. The clinic, which is staffed by doctoral students under the supervision of licensed mental health professionals, provides a range of low cost, high quality psychological services, including therapy for adults, children, couples, families and groups.

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The CUB (Caring for You and Baby) Clinic

The CUB Clinic's mission is to train students to support the mental health and developmental needs of pregnant and postpartum families with infants and young children through therapy, guidance and assessment.

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Sturm Center

The Sturm Center provides Veterans, Service Members and their families with high-quality and confidential behavioral and mental health services. The Center's resources can help with challenges like readjustment, loss, post-traumatic stress, relationship stress, coping with injuries and more.

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Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC)

The Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC) provides psychological support services to individuals who have experienced severe adversity and trauma, using flexible approaches that can be applied and adjusted based on individual needs.

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GSPP Forensic Services

Denver FIRST

The Denver Forensic Institute for Research, Service and Training (Denver FIRST) is a regional hub for forensic expertise. Current projects include work with incarcerated adults, child welfare cases, juveniles on probation, offenders with neuropsychological deficits and persons facing competency issues in court settings.

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GSPP Consulting Services

Center for Performance Excellence

The Center for Performance Excellence (CPEX) provides sport and performance psychology and life skills coaching. With a focus on connecting clients with training for successful performance and providing them with techniques that help them flourish, CPEX offers consulting services tailored to athletics, performing arts and business.

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