Giving is Easy. Your Impact is Lasting.

Fostering a spirit of community responsibility and leadership is an essential part of our mission. We appreciate the many ways our partners and alumni support us, whether those gifts come in the form of financial assistance or time—through supervision, mentorship, or providing sliding scale services for our student body.

Scholarships and Student Support

Today's economy poses a significant challenge to many of our students. Tuition and living costs are rising in Denver at an unprecedented pace. Scholarships are essential to our mission to be thought leaders in mental health and provide the next generation of practitioners with an education that empowers them to work for the public good.

Investing in our students is investing in the mental health wellbeing of the Denver community members we help every day. Your gift can make a world of difference for our students, and those students in turn can improve numerous lives with their skills and knowledge.

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Support Our Clinics

We have clinics specializing in everything from early childhood mental health to forensic psychology. Whatever discipline of psychology you're passionate about, you can find a project worth supporting among our clinics.


Program Support

Throughout our history, we've pioneered innovative solutions to match evolving needs. By providing a combination of generalist and specialty experiences in the classroom, clinic and community, we're able to produce graduates who can effectively meet the needs of their clients. With your help, we're determined to strengthen our academic programs and increase opportunities for our graduate students to serve the community while they are still in school.