Vision & Mission

The Global MHPSS Network mission: To respond to the mental health and wellbeing needs of communities affected by adversity and trauma related to conflict, climate change, disasters, human rights abuses, migration, extremism, and violence.

Our Aims

  • Increase access to culturally responsive and trauma-informed MHPSS services
  • Enhance participatory and human-centered collaboration between affected communities, organizations, and workers for delivering MHPSS
  • Expand community-engaged systems and workforces for delivering MHPSS
We work alongside communities to:
  • Promote mental health and expand access to services
  • Provide guidance on how to identify local needs and tailor MHPSS activities that build on available resources
  • Provide practical approaches to delivering mental health and psychosocial activities, programs, and interventions in affected communities
  • Address cultural barriers that affect communities and people with mental health conditions
  • Strengthen local and global MHPSS workforces by integrating learning and practice opportunities for graduate students