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The Global MHPSS Network is made up of experienced individuals and organizations from a range of diverse backgrounds and disciplines around the world. When the Global MHPSS Network receives a request for support, we leverage our team of affiliates to respond.

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Become an Affiliate!

We are always looking to invite new affiliates to join the Network. We are looking for individuals and organizations from across a range of fields and backgrounds who support our mission to aid communities experiencing trauma and adversity, and who will uphold our commitment to community-engaged, human-centered, and culturally responsive work.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    You are eligible to become a Global MHPSS Network affiliate if...

    • You have professional or personal experience working with individuals or communities experiencing adversity, including conflict, disasters, human rights issues, migration, violence, and more. This includes a range of work and skills, such as...
      • Advocacy work
      • Clinical services
      • Community-based research
      • Community development programming
      • Conflict resolution
      • Emergency preparedness
      • Emergency response
      • Psychoeducation
      • Program evaluation
      • And more!
    • You are committed to decolonizing mental health, academic, medical, and other social systems and policies that are rooted in Eurocentric ideologies and have been historically oppressive and harmful to other identities.
    • You are willing to work in a human-centered and community-based participatory structure. This means that all work will be highly collaborative and will seek to empower partners and communities at each stage of a project.
    • Your work is trauma-informed and inclusive.
    • You are eager to learn and work as part of a diverse, global community!

Interested in becoming an affiliate with the Global MHPSS Network?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a paid opportunity?

    Yes. All affiliates are paid on an hourly basis for their work with the Network. The number of hours required will vary per project.

  • Can I apply if I live outside the US?

    Yes! We encourage anyone to apply, particularly those living outside the US. The Network and our communities benefit from having a group of diverse, international affiliates with a range of experiences!

  • Can I apply if I am a student?

    Yes. Even as a student, we know you have a range of skills and experience that could contribute to the Global MHPSS Network. Clinical supervision is available when required for certain projects.

  • How many hours a week will be required?

    There are no set or required hours to be a part of the Network. All work is project-based and hours will vary by project. As an affiliate, you communicate the number of hours you are available to work, and can choose whether or not to accept a project. You may make changes to your available hours at any time.

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