Psychosocial Support

Innovative & Cost-Effective Approaches to Individual & Community Care

We utilize a multi-layered approach to provision of care and support. We develop, adapt, and implement interventions and resources that address levels 1–3 of the IASC MHPSS Pyramid.

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What Is Psychosocial Support?

Psychosocial support involves interventions focused on promoting the psychological and social wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Psychosocial Support Services

MHPSS psychosocial support services* may include:


Level 1: Basic Services & Security

  • Identify and advocate for psychosocial needs
  • Document impact of emergencies
  • Workshops, peer groups, psychoeducation

Level 2: Community & Family Supports

  • Psychoeducation for coping and recovery
  • Family supports for reunification, mourning, and communal healing
  • Groups to foster belonging and shared identities

Level 3: Focused, Non-Specialized Supports

  • Psychological first aid
  • Individualized support for survivors

*We work with partners to tailor services and resources to their needs.