Global Mental Health &
Psychosocial Support Network

About the Global MHPSS Network

The Global MHPSS Network is a group of expert practitioners, researchers, educators, and activists. We utilize community-engaged and human-centered approaches to support the needs of communities affected by adversity, including conflict, disaster, human rights abuses, migration, violence, and more.

Our office is located within the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver, and is funded by DU Advancement funds. For a full list of our partners and generous contributors, click here.

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Seeking Support?

Whether you are a professional seeking to expand your skills and collaborate with other experts in the field, or a concerned parent, teacher, employer, or other community member who has been affected by disaster, violence, trauma, conflict, or migration, we are here to help. We have resources for any skill level and an extensive professional network by which to offer specific consultation and clinical services to meet your needs.

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Training & Resources

We work to educate and strengthen the capacity of agencies, professionals, and community members responding to the impacts of disaster, violence, trauma, conflict, and migration, with a focus on expanding awareness and cultivating practical skills to promote immediate and long-term recovery and resilience.

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Consultation services offered by the Global MHPSS Network provide guidance and support to agencies, professionals, and community members in their responses to disaster, mass violence, trauma, conflict, culture, and migration.

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Mental Health Support

In coordination with Global MHPSS practitioner networks, we provide psychological first aid, along with mental health and psychosocial support services, to individuals and groups, offering innovative and cost-effective response approaches to communities affected by disaster, mass violence, trauma, conflict, and migration.

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Join the Global MHPSS Network as an affiliate!

We are looking for experts from across a range of fields and backgrounds who support our mission to aid communities experiencing adversity, and who align with, and will uphold, our commitment to decolonized, community-based, human-centered, and trauma-informed work.

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