Strategic Plan

Psychology for a Complex World

We envision a future in which mental health is approached in a comprehensive practice of well-being, seeking care is no longer stigmatized and access is available to all. In our mission to redefine mental health, we spearhead initiatives locally and globally to meet the unique needs of the communities we serve.

Our strategic plan, Innovation and Impact, will guide GSPP, our students and the field of psychology into the future as we work to meet these goals. Alongside DU IMPACT 2025, we will maintain a robust applied-research ecosystem, while increasing diversity and strengthening interdisciplinary and collaborative relationships across camp

"The ultimate purpose of a graduate school of applied psychology—the shared goal of faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends—is to strengthen people’s ability to lead fulfilling lives, to thrive, to manage challenges, heal wounds, and achieve aspirations. That in turn makes a fundamental contribution to building a healthy, productive society."

Innovation and Impact Strategic Plan


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    Deliver an exemplary student experience.

    We offer students an outstanding psychology education, built on a foundation of proven techniques supplemented by the latest innovations in the field. We will continue providing an excellent educational experience while increasing affordability and diversity throughout the program.

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    Be a model workplace.

    Our faculty and staff are essential to our success, so we'll work to ensure the happiness and success of our employees. We will maintain a healthy workplace, encourage robust collaboration and offer extensive opportunities for professional development.

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    Create an applied research ecosystem.

    GSPP will serve as a hub in a far-ranging research ecosystem, where partnerships with outside researchers and community practitioners help us develop insight that we can direct into facilitating student development and developing the most effective tools and techniques possible.

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    Be a leading service provider and force multiplier.

    We offer services comparable to the premier providers in our community. Moving forward, we'll expand that community by supporting underserved populations and adopting remote medicine. We'll develop new partnerships and techniques to grow our reach even further.

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    Transform the environment for psychology.

    If psychology is to be more effective on an individual level, we must combat the stigma that often comes with seeking support. We must also increase the accessibility of psychological services and engage with public policy to ensure these advances benefit our entire community.

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    Be a visionary partner in One DU.

    Our impact will be felt even further if we combine our advances with those made by other disciplines. We plan to increase interdisciplinary collaboration across campus, which will open doors to new insights, funding opportunities and partnerships locally and across the globe.

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An Ongoing Process

When we began developing our strategic plan, we knew that our success in delivering an outstanding student experience and that our commitment to the contextualization of care were essential elements of our mission. But we also knew we could do more. We knew it was vital that we find ways to improve both the care we provided and the student experience while furthering our impact in Colorado and around the globe.

Since then, we've engaged in near-constant conversations with students, faculty, staff and individuals from community mental health organizations to determine how we can help facilitate our shared goals. Those conversations have led us to the creation of a plan that stipulates benchmarks for the next seven years while affirming the school's most essential values. This strategic plan will form the backbone of our efforts as we continue the collaborative process of improving ourselves and the world around us.

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Discover our vision for mental health in our Innovation and Impact strategic plan.