A key component to the comprehensive programs that we offer is the learning that happens outside of our classrooms. In addition to the training that happens in our own community clinics, students complete field placements through countless external partnerships that we have established over the past 40 years. We are proud to collaborate with leaders in the mental health, psychology and wellness fields to provide our students with first-class opportunities to enrich their education. Below is an overview of what practicums look like for each program.

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Clinical Psychology (PsyD)

Clinical work for our doctoral students starts almost immediately upon entering the program. While students enrolled in the Clinical Psychology program at GSPP are required to complete an APA accredited internship after completion of all course and practical work, they also fulfill practicums each year. We currently have about 150 active sites for our students to gain hands-on experience. At practicums, our Clinical Psychology students serve between 8 and 20 hours per week. Sites may include:

  • Mental health centers
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Residential treatment homes
PsyD Program Internship Consortium

Colorado OUD/SUD Training Program

We are excited to offer a grant-funded opportunity for a PsyD practicum specializing in Opiate Use Disorder (OUD)/Substance Use Disorder (SUD) through our COST program.

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Forensic Psychology (MAFP)

MAFP students engage in direct service through their practicums, working with diverse populations in a variety of settings. In addition to their practicums, students are enrolled in case consultation/peer supervision courses that provide added support and foster development as professionals and practitioners. During practicums, students may:

  • Work with prosecutors of domestic violence cases
  • Help investigators and attorneys eliminate discrimination in mental health facilities
  • Counsel victims of violence
  • Work in jails and prisons
  • Conduct substance use disorder outpatient treatment
  • Provide early intervention for at-risk youth
  • Work with offense-specific treatment to reduce criminal behavior
  • Monitor and facilitate community re-entry after incarceration
  • Restore competency to defendants awaiting trial
MAFP Program
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International Disaster Psychology: Trauma & Global Mental Health

Students in our International Disaster Psychology program complete community-based practicums in the first year of the program. During practicums, students spend a minimum of 12.5 hours per week serving diverse populations who have been affected by trauma and disaster. With a wide range of opportunities from hospitals and community outpatient settings, to refugee resettlement agencies, policy nonprofits and school based settings, our practicums give students the chance to begin practicing both clinical and non-clinical skills right away in a wide variety of settings and specialties.

Our students gain valuable experience working with clients, systems and communities in professional settings, under the supervision and mentorship of licensed practitioners. As soon as students begin the program, they engage in practicum work, which quickly compliments classroom learned in a highly applied manner. This synchronous learning allows students to practice the concepts, theories and skills they're learning in the classroom.

Students intern in traditional settings such as hospitals, government agencies and schools as well as non-traditional community practice settings.

MAIDP Program
Lamont School of Music

Sport & Performance Psychology (MASPP)

In our Sport and Performance Psychology program, the two-year course of study is designed to provide education and training in psychological principles of performance, quality practice and learning, coaching/leadership, team development, and consulting in a variety of athletic and non-athletic contexts. In addition to their 72 credits of coursework, students are required to complete a supervised practicum as well as a master’s project focused on professional practice. Current and past placements include:

  • Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club
  • Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation
  • Ski and snowboard academies
  • Private high school academies
  • Public high school athletic departments
  • Club sports programs
  • Collegiate athletic departments
  • Local exercise and health related industries
  • Firefighters and responders training programs
  • The University of Denver Lamont School of Music
  • Denver School of Arts
  • Craig Hospital
  • U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, Colorado Springs

In the past, our students were able to successfully compete for internships in:

  • Evert Tennis Academy
  • IMG Academies
MASPP Program
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Sport Coaching (Online MASC)

A distinguishing feature of our online MASC program is the team-taught Practicum in Coaching course sequence, which is designed to help students gain problem-solving skills in their specific coaching context. We are the only program to individually pair practicum students with a coach mentor or mental skills consultant, providing students with a valuable opportunity for coach development. Our program is also recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association as an applied graduate level program. 

MASC Program