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Board of Advisors Spotlight: Emily Spencer

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GSPP Communications Team

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Emily Spencer

Emily Spencer defies the mold of a typical business leader. Armed with a background in law and finance, she embarked on an unconventional path that led her to the forefront of entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry. Today, as the Chair of the Board of Advisors to the Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) at the University of Denver, Emily channels her wealth of experience and unyielding commitment into reshaping mental health advocacy.

Her journey into entrepreneurship was marked by bold decisions and unwavering dedication. "From an early stage, I realized that embracing mediocrity would not propel me forward. Instead, I embraced a mindset of surpassing expectations, continually pushing beyond the norm," she recalls. Eventually, she founded Premier Medical Corporation—a beacon in the healthcare industry providing essential oxygen-related products and services. Under her leadership, Premier Medical earned accolades such as Colorado's Top 250 Private Companies and Denver's Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses, solidifying Emily's status as a pioneering force in the business landscape.

Yet, for Emily, success transcends mere profitability. "To be a successful entrepreneur, your business must be profitable, but true impact lies in making a difference in someone's life. This is the advantage that women have in the business world – we are not afraid to combine the two," she asserts. This ethos guided her tenure at Premier Medical and continues to steer her endeavors today.

Emily's passion for mental health advocacy stems from deeply personal experiences. A decade-long supporter of the Colorado Women’s College, her journey to join the GSPP Board of Advisors was ignited by a profoundly personal incident. Determined to make a difference, she spearheaded the launch of a doctoral-level Substance Use Disorder Specialty, ensuring that no individual faces their struggles alone.

Beyond her boardroom duties, Emily remains an active voice in leadership and entrepreneurship circles. "I am a passionate advocate for women in business, particularly in the realms of support and mentorship for women entrepreneurs," she affirms. At the Women's College, she played a pivotal role in establishing an Entrepreneur Center, advocating for support and mentorship for women entrepreneurs. Her commitment to fostering inclusive opportunities in the business world underscores her unwavering dedication to empowering others.

Away from the hustle and bustle of business and advocacy, Emily finds solace in the art of photography. "Beauty can be found everywhere, from the ocean to architectural details of a building to a lone flower," she muses. Behind the lens, she captures the intricate beauty of life's fleeting moments, embracing the essence of the human experience.

Emily Spencer's journey—from securities trading to healthcare entrepreneurship to mental health advocacy—embodies the transformative power of passion and purpose. As Chair of the Board of Advisors to GSPP, she continues to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of mental health care, embodying the ethos that true success lies in making a difference in someone's life.