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Financial Literacy Accessibility

In today’s education system there are many things that we are taught to prepare us for the next step in life, adulthood. We learn basic skills such as reading, writing, simple arithmetic, and general communication. While these skills are very valuable, some are not taught in the primary education system that even with a vast knowledge of these other skills can leave a person at a disadvantage societally. Primary education is supposed to give kids the tools they need to survive and thrive in adulthood and become effective members of society, however, a huge aspect of that is being able to provide for one’s basic needs and this can’t be achieved without money. One of these skills is financial literacy. According to the National Financial Educators council, only 16% of millennials are considered financially literate. Financial literacy is a skill that is often looked over in primary education and one that could be especially beneficial for those that already come from low-income backgrounds, most of these individuals being people of color. The goal of these kids is to enter school, move into higher education and get a degree to achieve upward mobility. However, financial literacy and good habits are instrumental for this to happen and that’s what my program wants to focus on. Empowering kids, specifically people of color, who don’t have access to this knowledge to learn this necessary life skill so they can begin to build good habits that sustain them well beyond their high school years.