With more than 22 million veterans in the US (416,000 in Colorado) and around 3 million active servicemen, it's essential that those who have served our nation have their mental health needs addressed by a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce.

We're working to train culturally sensitive professionals who can effectively assess and treat a population that's already made immense sacrifices for our country. Veterans and servicemen often face above-average rates of substance abuse, chronic homelessness, psychological disorders, suicide and impaired vocational functioning due to the impact of their service and reintegration challenges. This population needs care providers equipped to handle their specific needs.

The specialization utilizes:

  • Academic coursework specifically focused on the challenges and issues faced by veterans, including military culture and mental health policy, current political affairs and the physiological and psychological effects of service.
  • Work in our off-campus Sturm Center, which provides mental health care to veterans, servicemen and their families.
  • Partnerships with community organizations.
  • Research into the outcomes of clinical treatment.

"The University of Denver, The Graduate School of Professional Psychology and the Sturm Specialty in Military Psychology were proud to host 'Narratives of Resilience: Stories of Women Veterans.'"