Every day we learn more about the importance of mental health during pregnancy and early childhood, for both children and parents. Parents are facing significantly increased stressors, while children are developing the parts of their brain that allow them to establish relationships, explore their environment and experience a range of emotions. Issues that come up during this time can have lasting repercussions on that development.

Many families, particularly those in historically underserved populations, face challenges in receiving proper mental health care during this crucial period. We're working to create a world in which:

  • Expecting caregivers receive support and care during pregnancy and throughout the transition into parenthood.
  • Children in the critical 0-5 age range have the best possible chance to lead healthy lives and have bright futures, thanks in part to interventions and projects designed for families and communities.
  • Children and families receive more effective treatment through mental health screenings that identify issues early.
  • Expert clinical providers are readily available to meet the need for high-quality assessment and intervention services.