What we do:

  • provide low-cost, high-quality outpatient restoration services in a timely fashion
  • base our services in evidence-based interventions and assessments
  • utilize well-trained, experienced students to provide direct services
  • use licensed forensic faculty to supervise individual providers and cases
  • provide second opinion competency to proceed evaluations as requested

What we cannot do:

  • provide services to persons committed to the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo
  • offer psychiatric services; if clinically indicated, we can make referrals to several low-cost psychiatric providers with whom we currently work
  • guarantee that a person will be restored to competency
  • force participants to attend our program; although persons are court-ordered for treatment, we cannot force or require them to attend
  • provide transportation to the clinic
  • provide competency to proceed evaluations on our restoration clients (unless we are retained as an independent source for second opinions, in which case the evaluation will be conducted by an independent provider within Denver FIRST)