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Advancing A Community Solution Towards Homelessness

Since March 2019, five undergraduate students with the supervision of Dr. Linda Olson in the Pioneer Leadership Program, partnered with the City of Englewood and Change the Trend to examine the systems involved in referring people experiencing homelessness and to collect and disseminate the stories of people experiencing homelessness and those that serve them. With the generous support of $8,500 in grant funding from CCESL, the project culminated in 2 websites developed for the City of Englewood and Change the Trend, an attitudinal survey of 44 people, engagement of 30 stakeholders across 5 cities, a report on state responses to COVID-19 given to policymakers, collection of powerful stories, and numerous community presentations, reports, and collaborations across campus and the community. Our presentation will share our project, our findings, and what we have learned from creating and implementing a long-term initiative, and also provide insights on the benefits of community-engaged scholarship both in impact and in pedagogy.

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